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The Health Family Community project uses mobile phone technology to deliver maternal and newborn child health messages to the mothers when they need it. The service calls out to registered women once a week with prerecorded voice messages from our Community characters. These include the knowledgeable Dr. Thearith, wise old Grandma Seam and practical Daddy Tola.

The messages provide information and advice on a range of topics, such as pregnancy nutrition, breastfeeding, danger signs and good hygiene, so that mothers can make better decisions regarding their families’ health. Women can register at their local health center or by calling the registration line

1000 Sokpheap

1000 Sokpheap (meaning 1000 Health) refers to the first 1,000 days, from conception until a child’s 2nd birthday. Better health and nutrition during this period can have a life-changing impact on a child’s future and help break the cycle of poverty.

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Grandma: Hello! Grandma Seam here, from the Healthy Family Community!
Mom: Hello Grandma!
Grandma: Today, I want to tell you the importance of keeping your baby in the right temperature. I’ve learnt this through experience with my children and grandchildren.
Mom: Oh. So what do I do?
Grandma: Well, there’s just one thing you need to remember. Your baby isn’t a piece of meat and shouldn’t be barbecued in the sun. He isn’t an ice-cream either, and shouldn’t be too cold.
Mom: Hahaha, that sounds simple enough to remember
Grandma: It is! You must always keep your baby clothed and covered with a blanket. And he must always be kept in the shade.
Mom: Oh, but what if it gets too cold?
Grandma: Well, if you touch your baby’s skin and it’s cold, that means your baby needs more warmth. But this warmth has to come from you, not the sun! So take off his clothes, unbutton your shirt and hold him on your skin under your shirt until he warms up.
Mom: Ah, I understand.
Grandma: Of course, if your baby seems too hot or too cold, or if there’s any other problem, bring him to the health centre as soon as you can.
Mom: I will Grandma. Thanks for telling me all this!
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Doctor: Hello! Dr. Thearith here from the Healthy Family Community!
Mom: Hello Doctor!
Doctor: Your belly has become bigger now! The little one inside you is growing fast!
Mom: Haha.. Sometimes I can’t believe that the baby is going to grow even bigger than this.
Doctor: Hahaha, you’ll cope just fine. But as your baby grows, he will need more nutrients, especially calcium.
Mom: Calcium?
Doctor: Yes, your baby’s bones and teeth are made of calcium. So when you eat food with calcium, your baby will grow big and strong.
Mom: Oh, what food do I have to eat for calcium?
Doctor: You can get it by drinking milk, eating small fish, seafood, beans or green vegetables.
Mom: I drink lots of milk.
Doctor: That’s great, make sure you eat a lot of the foods I mentioned as well. If there’s anything else you need, feel free to come to the health center.
Mom: I will. Thank you Doctor.
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Midwife: Hello! Nary the Midwife here from the Healthy Family Community!
Mom: Hello Nary!
Midwife: Congratulations on the delivery!
Mom: Thank you!
Midwife: I hope you’re breastfeeding your baby a lot with only breastmilk?
Mom: Yes, I have been. Just breast milk.
Midwife: Good, the first milk from your breast is especially nutritious. Your baby will be strong for sure. I hope the baby is feeding from your breast properly though.
Mom: Oh, how can I tell?
Midwife: Well, make sure your entire nipple with all the brown part is in the baby’s mouth. Not just the tip. Make sure his chin and nose are touching your breast.. Also, make sure he drinks till he stops by himself. You should breastfeed  as much as possible, every 2-3 hours  day and night for the next 6 months.
Mom: Got it. And what if my baby refuses to breastfeed?
Midwife: Then come to the Health Center!
Mom: Oh yes, I will. Thank for telling me all this Nary!
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Volunteer: Hello! Mom here from the Healthy Family Community
Mom: Hi Mom!
Volunteer: So today, I want to talk about your baby’s poo.
Mom: Oh, should we? (jokingly)
Volunteer: Haha, yes, it’s important. Some breastfed babies pass stool four times a day or more, others may pass it only once every three days. Both are normal, as long as it’s regular.
Mom: Ah ok.
Volunteer: You should also observe the colour and consistency of the poo.
Mom: Oh, really?
Volunteer: Haha, yes, you can actually tell a lot about of your baby’s health by looking at it. It should be soft and range in colour from greenish-brown to bright mustard yellow. It may smell slightly sweet. Over time you will be able to tell what is normal. But, if you see bright green and frothy stools in your baby’s nappy, he’s probably not getting enough rich hind milk. Try feeding your baby on each breast until that breast is empty so he gets the rich hind milk.
Mom: Ah ok, I understand. And what should I do with the poo after?
Volunteer: You can either put it into the toilet or bury it in a hole in your back yard. Remember to wash your hands with soap after!
Mom: Thanks for telling me all this Mom! I would have never thought about it!
Volunteer: And I wouldn’t blame if you didn’t!
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Volunteer: Hello! Mom here from the Healthy Family Community!
Mom: Hello Mom!
Volunteer: So today, I want to remind you to go to the health centre and get a measles vaccination for your baby.
Mom: Me-as-les? What is that?
Volunteer: It’s a disease that spreads through coughs and sneezes. So you should keep your baby away from sick people.
Mom: Oh, what are the signs? Only coughing and sneezing?
Volunteer: A lot more actually. It starts with a cold. But before long, you baby will have fever, a runny nose, red eyes, a sore throat, and a cough. After a few more days, red and blotchy rashes may appear on different parts of the body.
Mom: Oh!
Volunteer: If you see any of these signs, rush your child to the health centre immediately. But you should go soon anyway, and get his 9 months vaccinations done! There will be another one at 18 months so we’ll call to remind you again!
Mom: I will go as soon as I can! Thanks for telling me all this Mom!
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Doctor: Hello! Dr. Thearith here, from the Healthy Family Community.
Mom: Hello Doctor!
Doctor: So today, I want to talk to you about your baby’s diet.
Mom: Oh! Have I been doing something wrong?
Doctor: No no, I wanted to inform you that you can now start giving him more food.
Mom: Ahh, ok. What can I feed him?
Doctor: You can give him hard-boiled eggs, well-chopped meat or fish, mashed pumpkin and beans, or even a hard biscuit if he’s teething. But make sure the biscuit doesn’t crumble. He could choke on the crumbs.
Mom: Ah, ok. When you say meat, it doesn’t include pork right? Because I’ve heard it has worms.
Doctor: Hmm, as long as you cook it well and it’s not pink inside, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Mom: Oh, great. How much should I feed him?
Doctor: Give him a small Chinese bowl that’s 3/4th full, thrice a day. You can also include snacks like fruits and bread between them. You must keep giving him as much breast milk as he wants though. Clean or boiled water is ok as well. Avoid tea, coffee or any sugary drink, and avoid packaged snack foods that aren’t good for him.
Mom: Oh I understand. I’ll start feeding him all this right away.
Doctor: You should! But go slow! He’ll take time to adjust.
Mom: I will. Thank you so much for calling Dr. Thearith
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Doctor: Hello! Dr. Thearith here form the health family community.
Mom: Hello Doctor!
Doctor:I’m calling to remind about your final visit to the health center.
Because this one is in your 9th month, it’s important that you come.
We will do some final checks and give you some information so that the delivery goes smoothly.
Mom: Yes doctor.I’ll make plans to come right ways.
Thank you for reminding me.
Doctor:No problem. While your belly is getting big and you are getting ready to welcome your new baby, you and
your husband might be thinking about how many children you want in your family.
But I bet you don’t want to go through all this hard work again straight away, so you should talk about family
planning options with your midwife at this visit.
They can give you the best information on how to wait between pregnancies.
So remember to go to the health center for your check up soon!
Mom: I will Doctor!
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Dad: Hello Mom! Dada Tola here from the Healthy Family Community.
Mom: Hello Tola! (swallowing) Sorry, I am just finishing a snack.
Dad: Did you wash your hands?
Mom: Hmmm. I’m not sure.
Dad: Oh, that’s bad. I never used to wash mine, that’s why I used get an upset stomach often. It is very important to be clean, and keep everything around your baby clean. You should even keep sick people away from your baby! Your hands should be clean while you eat and before you cook. You should also clean them once you’ve used the toilet or handled your baby’s poop.
Mom: Oh, I will start doing all this.
Dad: You must also remember to keep your baby’s clothes, play area and bedding clean. You will be surprised how many illnesses you and your baby can avoid by just being clean!
Mom: Thank you for telling me all this.
Dad: No problem. But remember, the most important thing is to wash your hands with soap!


After mHealth started, mothers (now) know how to take care of their babies and themselves, especially with the little newborns and looking after themselves straight after birth.
Mot Som Ol teaching a nutrition class.

I remember that I learnt most about cord care. I learnt that if there is in infection or it is not looking right, I need to go to the Health Centre. I also found it helpful to learn about breastfeeding, to know how to do it correctly or if something might be wrong.
Sok Meng with her family

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The project is funded by the Czech Development agency and USAID, and is implemented by People In Need and Open Institute, with support from the Cambodian Ministry of Health.